Global CTB created an anonymous cryptocurrency that creates a better trading experience. This new type of account is different. Global CTB started by offering Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple transactions for traders who are looking for binary options. The unique features of this account make it superior to other types of brokers. Trading with Global CTB is beneficial in more ways than one. With a regulated platform, traders can trade without having to worry about the risks associated with unregulated cryptocurrency brokerages.

 This is because Global CTB is overseen by three different regulators and they work hand in hand with the company to make sure that their users are safe. Additionally, trading fees are low and rates are transparent allowing anyone to place trades quickly and effectively. Traders can now trade with a regulated brokerage with the help of Global CTB. Throughout the years, cryptocurrency has been in the news for all of the wrong reasons. Global CTB wants to change that by making trading simple and safe. The company offers highly-regulated accounts, which have never been hacked or lost any funds, along with deep liquidity and a variety of order types.

 Global CTB is a trading platform with a twist. Instead of allowing people to trade like they normally would, Global CTB connects traders on the platform with markets that are not available to regular investors. It also provides its own cryptocurrency called Global CTB that will be used as currency for trades. The trading platform also has its own tokens called GCTs that can be traded on the market or can be exchanged for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Global CTB is the world’s first regulated cryptocurrency brokerage. As a broker, they offer traders access to a range of cryptocurrencies from leading exchanges in order to purchase and trade assets. They have multiple trading levels that provide flexibility for traders of all levels.